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We Do One Thing Better Than Anyone Else

We Produce Custom-Made, Superior AIR FILTERS at

65-85% Less Than Store Bought!

For All Makes of "Portable Air Purifiers" And "Home and Business Central Heating/Cooling Units"

Our Thoughts on Current Technology

These days, all you hear about regarding clean air is HEPA!  A 60+ year old technology.

Every maker of vacuum cleaner, smoke eater, and portable air cleaners have their own versions.

We at Nextron Products believe it's time to take the next step to a Newer Better Alternative.

One that achieves more, costs less, and leaves less of a footprint on our environment!

The next step toward improving the air we breathe is Nextron Filters.


Our Mission

To design, produce and distribute a system air filters that are distinguishable from others by achieving a more complete air filtration at a lower cost to the buyer while leaving less of a footprint on the environment. This superior design and function to be incorporated in air purification systems, portable air purifiers, central air handling in both home and business.

Our efforts:

We focused on better efficiency in both energy use and securing a more complete air filtration at a lower cost to the consumer. 

Our entire line of system air filters incorporates a lifetime reusable frame, saving the buyer 50-80% the cost of a typical brand name paper or plastic cartridge filters.

Allowing the buyer to purchase only what filters the air and avoiding the OEM cost of assembling a cartridge base filter, packaging, marketing and name brand recognition, we save the buyer money on every filter replacement.

Leaving less of a footprint on the environment is the result of our lifetime reusable frame.

Our filtering materials are patented, made in USA and are of the highest quality available for air filtration.
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Custom-Made, Superior Filters for ALL MAKES of Air Purifiers & AC/Cooling/Heating/Furnace Units

Avoid an expensive replacement by using a custom-made, superior air purifier filter and/or air conditioner filter from Nextron Products.