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How to Replace Your Nextron Filter

Replacement of Purification Filter to Frame:

1. Lay the charcoal purification filter (with the attached white pre-filter) down on the frame. Be sure white pre-filter side is face down on frame. (The X side of the frame needs to be face down and the filter will lay on the opposite side).

2. Now Lay the free white pre-filter on top of the charcoal filter.  

3. Finally, press the pre-filter overlap onto frame Velcro.  That's it!

Replacement of Pre-Filter Only

1. Cut existing white pre-filter in half

2. Peel off and lay new pre-filter over charcoal purification filter/frame 

3. Press onto frame Velcro. That's it!


Filter Frequency Changes

Pre-Filters should be changed every------------------------------------- 60-90 Days (Depending on Usage)


Main Purification Filter should be changed every----------------------- 6-12 Months (Depending on Usage)

Please Note:

Our Pre-Filters have the ability to collect many times more particles than typical pre-filters.

Therefore they may require more frequent changes than a typical pre-filter would.  This brings us to the point of this type of pre-filter. Not only does our pre-filter contribute to cleaner air, it also adds to the useful life of the main purification filter.  In turn, this saves you money from having to buy the more expensive purification filter replacements as often!


Factors to Consider in Changing Frequency:

Number of people and pets


Number of Vacuums

Amount of Contributing Odors

Time of the year (pollen and mold spores)

VOC in the air ( a major health concern in homes today)

Hours of Operation (24/7)




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