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Enjoy Fresher Air In Your Home

The Custom-Made, Superior Filter Design

A Four-Stage Filter System  (Unlike Single Folded Paper in Plastic or Paper Cartridge)


First Stage-

Electrostatic pre-filter media

Captures small to large particles and FAR EXCEEDING the ability of other pre-filters.

Greatly EXTENDS the life of the Main Purification Filter


Second Stage-

A poly buffer to separate and IMPROVE air flow.


Third Stage-

Absorption Media

High performance containing patented form of GAC with 6-8 times the amount of carbon, allowing the filter to be MANY TIMES more effective than typical charcoal pre-filters.

Captures contaminates down to the molecule including odors, ozone, bacteria, viruses, VOC, smog, smoke (including the chemicals produced)

Also a very large capacity for trapping stray small to medium sized particles


Fourth Stage-

High density electrostatic media

Captures the extremely small particulates

Two phase density for a longer life, captures and suspends small particles in the first phase, allowing smaller in the second phase, thereby EXTENDING THE USEFUL LIFE.


Lifetime Reusable Frame

Reusable polymer frame with one piece construction for unlimited use.  This GREATLY REDUCES the cost of re-order filter inserts, as low as $6.00 per filter

A Simple Idea- Buy a Frame Once, then Re-Order what Filters the Air Only!

(This saves money, while leaving less of a footprint on the environment!)

A Widely Known Fact!

Packaging, assembly and marketing brand names of an OEM filter FAR EXCEEDS the cost of filtering media, (which is the only part that actually cleans the air)


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